Marknadshyror leder till slum

Nio ekonomistudenter argumenterar på DN-Debatt 12/8 för marknadshyror. Deras recept skulle tveklöst leda till att vi i Sverige får tillbaka ren slum – precis som i alla de länder som tillämpar systemet. Länder med konsekvent hög boendestandard – som de nordiska länderna, Nederländerna och Schweiz – tillämpar alla hyresreglering. (more…)

Review: On the Historicity of Jesus

As a child, a teacher made me agree that even if all the Bible stories were fiction, there must still have been a real Jesus that the legend was built around.  This conclusion was unsatisfactory, because how can we say that a man existed, if there is nothing specific we can know about him?


Is Jesus a Rank-Raglan hero?

Richard Carrier argues in his book On the Historicity of Jesus that Jesus fits exceptionally well into the Rank-Raglan hero classification. He claims no known historical figures do, making Jesus unlikely to have existed. I will examine these claims in detail. (more…)

Debunking ‘impossible’ interest theories

A lot of people, myself included, have become convinced that the financial sector has grown way too big. A popular theory that is making the rounds on the internet and in ‘alternative’ literature is that there is a fundamental mathematical problem involving debt and interest. (more…)